Leisure tips around Piešťany

Satellite Hotel offers guests the opportunity to become acquainted with the history and present of Piestany, visit interesting places nearby to go for well-known and lesser-known scenic spots in Slovakia. All current offers tours are available to guests at the reception of hotel Satelit.

Boat trip

In summer, guests can choose an attractive hour sightseeing boat on the river Vah and Sĺňava lake. Trip starts directly under the colonnade bridge and you can admire during waterfowl habitat and the unique water-protected area on the bird island and Ratnovská bay.

Water – skiing area

Water – skiing area is situated on the left Sĺňava lake on the River Váh, designed a wide range of people, beginners - under the supervision of an instructor, intermediate and challenging water sports and wakeboardistom. They provide ski instruction, equipment rental, jungle gym, a pleasant atmosphere and buffet food stalls, beach volleyball.

Karts Piešťany

The first indoor karting track in Piešťany, year-round, non-alcoholic bar. Karts, like most of you know, are so small and quite quick rental, where the concept of adrenaline on the spot. Settlement Adam Trajan in garage spaces hypermarket PT universities. Running from € 5 / 7 minutes. For more information on www.monza.sk

Swimming pool Eva

Open year-round swimming pool is located on the Spa Island. It has indoor and outdoor swimming pool with thermal water, grass area suitable for volleyball and cricket. There are two tennis courts, beach volley and street.

Piešťany Express

Tourist train running in the Piešťany Spa Island in Piešťany center around 15 April to 15 October and provides a convenient way to get to know the main attractions of Piešťany. More information www.piestanskyexpres.sk.


Golf course is situated in the northern part of Spa Island. The area in addition to nine - hole golf course include club house, cafe, golf shop. When playing 2 x 9 hole par 66 course has a total length of 4,176 m. It is suitable for all, which he won the popular game, a unique atmosphere and lifestyle. The golf training area will find the meadow, and putting kroketové playground. In the winter season may be golfers, but also sports enthusiasts and beginners to use the services Indoor Golf Centre in the premises of the golf course. More information:  www.spagolf.sk


Victoria Bowling Center, located at 7200 Hlboká Street (at the ice rink) is open to fans of this exciting game for beginners, for schools and clubs as well as for professional players and offers eight lanes plneautomatizovaných. For more information or www.bowlingpiestany.sk 0907 735229, 1 hour to run from € 16.


Squash Club Piešťany offers four air-conditioned courts, selling a wide range of squash rackets and squash shoes and gear rental. For more information or www.squashclub.sk 0911 255030th Located at 6596 Hlboká street, next to Victoria Bowling Center and ice rink.

Trips to nature around

Ranch Babica

ocated 26 km from Piešťany, Topoľčany direction. For families with children and lovers of fishing ranch offers a variety of activities. The possibility of his catching carp and trout associated with the collection or culinary training to lunch that you prepared. For children to ride horses, zoo, music. The whole area is pleasant, surprise Western style and reasonable prices. Opening hours: Monday - Sunday: 09.00 - 24.00 For more information on www.babica-bojna.sk

ZOO Farma Modrová

New Zealand in Australia - will meet there bison, kangaroos, lama, emu, sheep, camel.. possibility of tasting true klokaních, lamb, veal, steaks or bisons, guided farm and fly a helicopter ride to the quad. Sample Maori customs, dances, songs. More info www.modrova.eu.sk

Archaeological site in Ducové - Kostolec

Beautiful sight arises anyone come up to the top of Kostolec, which rises above the village Ducové. Since the mid-ninth to 10 century was the seat of Moravian magnate. These times are now preserved the walls of buildings recall the rotunda, and residential spaces, which surrounds the reconstructed palisade walls. Archaeological site in Ducové - Kostolci from Piešťany is situated about six kilometers.


  • About 25 km from Piešťany direction Strakonice
  • Originally a Gothic castle from the 13th century., in the year 1729 and has since been burnt ruins
  • National Heritage
  • In the village is a museum that documents the history of the castle and village


  • About 20 km from Piešťany direction Nove Mesto
  • Date back to 13th century, when it belonged to the system of border castles
  • Čachtický castle famous bloody Countess Elizabeth Báthory (1560-1614)


  • Was the second mid-13th century as one of the castles of the valley road leading Váh
  • The castle was born the next chief commander of rebel forces Rákoczi Nicholas Bercsényi

Moravany nad Váhom

There Moravany nad Váhom, known results Moravian Venus (22 800 years ago), it is now possible to admire the Renaissance mansion from the late 16th century. Its present appearance is the result of many subsequent reconstructions. The large park manor house is a gallery of sculptures by artists from around the world. Classic Car Museum for a private museum where you can see some nice cars - veterans, but there are also some bikes. These are all nice pieces which is a joy to see. Opening hours: April - September: Tuesday and Thursday 14:00 to 19:00, October - March: Saturday 13:30 to 17:00. Archaeologically interesting place is theČertova pec 15 km far from the furnace heat. During the Ice Age was used as a dwelling of prehistoric people. 
Nearby ruinsTematín, Beckov a Čachtice vryjú to the memory of the mysterious visitors as places where like time has stopped, where the walls and whispering the immortal legend of the cruel and bloody countess owners Báthoryčke. On the territory of Slovakia was once 150 castles. Want to see how the castle looked like before 300-500 years ago, when in all its beauty, they possess powerful feudal lords, the activity gives us the history, legends and tales? Visit theminiature park in the village Podolie!!

Cykloturistika v Piešťanoch

Spa town, which is internationally known and popular destinations for cyclists and offers interesting opportunities for students to undertake trips to its surroundings.

One more offered marked bicycle lanes and is 56 km long Vážska cycle, which begins in Piešťany colonnade bridge and ends up in Trenčín. Cyclists on the road, waiting to ride the jet-ski in the top center, castle in Brunovce, Beckov in ruins and the castle and the town museum in Trenčín.

The circuit around the lake Sĺňava directly in Piešťany is 11 km and can see things while driving bird island. From the first May 30th September 2008, it opened the weir pond Sĺňava for fans of skating, biking and hiking. From Monday to Friday in time 3:00 p.m. to 20:00 h and weekends 10:00 to 20:00 am.

Beautiful sight arises anyone come up to the top of Kostolec, which rises above the village Ducové. Since the mid-ninth to 10 century was the seat of Moravian magnate. These times are now preserved the walls of buildings recall the rotunda, and residential spaces, which surrounds the reconstructed palisade walls. Archaeological site in Ducové-Kostolci from Piešťany is situated about six kilometers. The route is about a renaissance castle in Moravany prehistoric settlement.

The saddle with Havran Čertová pec can get from Piešťany two ways. One leads from Piešťany to the state road for a second Topoľčany tourist trails marked by blue and red tower Bakchus villa. Following the path can be stopped in the village Banka or Radošine and Ratnovce. Havran Saddle Mountain is located at an altitude of 390 meters, Čertova pec is known cave man site of the Stone Age. The route is about 25 km long.

Hotel prenajíma hotelové bicykle pre hostí
Cena prenájmu bicykla je 5 € s DPH (poldeň), na 1 deň je cena 10 € / 24 hodín. Vratná záloha za požičanie bicykla je 50 €.