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Sauna world

The healing effects of the sauna have been known since time immemorial. The hot air in the sauna causes sweating and secretion of harmful substances, opens the pores of the skin, improves blood circulation, elasticity and appearance. It speeds up metabolism, acts anti-inflammatory, bactroid and kills the mites that live on the human body (by the way, only twice in your life is your body completely rid of mites when you are born and when you go out of the sauna), thanks to which the sauna also helps against various allergies, eczema , yeast and fungal infections, acne and skin diseases. It has proven therapeutic effects in asthma, inflammation and airway allergies. At the same time it works soothing and relaxing.

Infrasauna - the body is heated inside it at an optimum temperature of 40 - 60 ° C. Infrared heat ensures that the harmful substances stored under the skin dissolve and swell out of the body.

The dry (Finnish) sauna has a lower humidity and a temperature of 95 to 105 ° C. Releases musculoskeletal muscles. High air temperature helps the body to soothe and the body releases toxic substances. After immortality, the immune system is strengthened.

The steam sauna has a beneficial effect on the airways, especially after the addition of an inhalation essence. At 47 to 55 ° C, it releases respiratory and skin pores.

Hot bath

Whirlpool with 30 adjustable nozzles has a capacity for 4 people. It provides a whirlpool bath with full-body application, with a constant temperature of 35-37 ° C. Water massage contributes to improving limb blood circulation, activates skin receptors, releases muscle and joint stiffness. It has a healing, relaxing and regenerative effect. It is recommended in conditions following operations or injuries of the locomotor system, in muscular atria and peripheral polio, diabetes mellitus. The whole procedure takes about 20 minutes.

Mud wraps

As the history says, the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was one of the first advocates of salt and mud of the Dead Sea, which were a basic part of her everyday care for health and beauty. The miraculous silt of mud consists of being composed of very fine grains - dissolved minerals (calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium) and other nutrients. Regular wraps release the whole body, favorably stimulate the whole blood stream, and the skin remains soft, fresh and youthful.

The beneficial effects of mud packs are immediately visible. The mud is used in the form of lining for locomotory diseases, gynecological diseases, respiratory diseases or as a cosmetic treatment of delicate, sensitive and dry skin, which it regenerates, cleanses from impurities and nourishes.

During the wrap, there is a local and general overheating of the body, which increases with the application area of the wrap. Heat increases blood flow and local metabolism, thereby accelerating the absorption of chronic inflammatory infiltrates, softens the ligament, releases the skeletal muscles and smooth muscle of the internal organs.

The mud wrap produces a reduction in swelling around the joints, decreasing muscle tension, improving cartilage, connective tissue and intervertebral plate nutrition. It acts to increase anti-inflammatory activity and immune processes in the body, prevents the degradation of elastin and collagen, improving the function of cartilage, connective tissues and joint mobility.

Relaxing massage

Classic massage - is one of the most used massages. It's a set of tactics the masseur applies to the client's body. The masseur stimulates the skin, the subcutaneous tissue and especially the muscles, causing blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and tension breakdown that causes hardness in the muscles. Backache (also known as myogeloses) often causes pain not only at the site of their occurrence. Myogeloses can move with the body's movements and can irritate the nerves and their paths of the individual parts of the body, causing pain. Regular massage at our masseurs will not cause problems with myogelosis. Classical massage also works very well against the fatigue and stress that every day affects every one of us. This massage is very pleasant and is one of the most effective massages. So why not connect a nice with a useful when it is possible? Classic massage can also help you with locomotor system, injury and bone and joint operations (tear, joint), nerve disorders (hemiparesis, hemiplegia, paraplegia), gastrointestinal disorders (constipation, obesity, metabolic disorders) , conditions of long-term immobilization, muscular fatigue (muscular), convalescence (stroke).


For those who want to look all year long to be attractive and beautiful, our solarium is secured. It is serviced by trained technicians who will ensure that every customer uses a proper sunbathing program and uses the right sunscreen. We pay close attention to hygiene, health care and cleanliness.

Wellness services price list

You can order at the hotel reception.

Sauna worldTime1 person2 people3 and more
Vírivka/Jacuzzi 20 min.7 € 13 €6 € / os.
Suchá sauna 60/120 min. 11/20 € 13/22 € 5 € / os.
Parná sauna 60/120 min. 11/20 € 13/22 € 5 € / os.
Infra sauna 60/120 min. 11/20 € 13/22 € 5 € / os.
Solárium 1 min.11/20 €
Wellness package Time1 person2 people3 and more
Sauna: suchá+parná+infra 120 min.18 € 21 € 8 €/os.
Sauna: suchá+parná+infra + jacuzzií 140 min.23 € 26 € 11 €/os.
Sauna: suchá(parná alebo infra) + jacuzzi 80 min. 16 €20 € 10 €/os.
Bahenné zábaly z mŕtveho mora TimePrice
Bahenný zábal čiastočný 30 min.10 €
Bahenný zábal celkový 45 min. 18 €
Koreňový zábal TimePrice
Koreňový zábal čiastočný 20 min. 12 €

Pricelist Wellness - massage

masáž chrbta20 min. 10 €
masáž chrbta s masážou šije a krku30 min. 15 €
masáž šije30 min. 15 €
celotelová masáž60 min. 25 €
masáž nôh zozadu+spredu) 30 min. 25 €
masáž tváre + bahenná maska15 + 15 min. 12 €
masáž tváre15 min. 8 €
bankovanie20 min. 12 €
** Special offer ** TimePrice
Medová detoxikačná masáž to 30 min. 15 €
Reflexná masáž chodidiel 30 - 35 min. 15 €
Anticelulitídna masáž (masáž nôh zozadu+spredu+zadok)30 min. 18 €


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